My wife and I started our puppet ministry with very humble beginnings in 1996. I had never held a puppet, my wife had previous experience with the Baptist Student Ministry in college, and my kids had been in a ministry for a couple of years. We stepped in and helped with that ministry in 1994 to provide crowd control when one of the leaders became ill. We helped them develop and perform a script called 'The Samaritan Dude" and then dropped out for another year when the other leader came back.

When they retired in 1996, we decided to step in and help build a ministry that would be more mission and service oriented. This blueprint for "Creating a Puppet Ministry" is based on the success and failures that we experienced. I get a lot of questions on how to go about starting a puppet ministry from scratch. Hopefully, our experience will help those of you that are just getting started or maybe wanting to take your ministry to a higher level.