Funding can be a tricky part of running a puppet ministry. Most churches do not have budgets that can accommodate a full-time ministry. As such, you will most likely have to provide your own source of funding,

Funding generally comes from getting sponsors in your church, having garage sells, working concessions for special things held in your church. We also raised money by performing for special functions at other churches (as well as selling stages, CDs, patterns). One time, we set out a large water jug and put "Pennies for Puppets" on the side of it. We setup in front of our church's library and put a puppet display in the library window. We raised over $150 because a lot of people will put bills in the bottle as well as their change.

If your team is really good, other churches will invite you to come and perform at their special functions. So, how do you get noticed? Perform in the One Way Street festivals (see "Building your team").

One question to ask at this point is "How much should we charge to perform at other churches?" We made it a rule to never charge other churches when they invited us; this way we could perform for churches that might not be able to afford to pay a team. If they asked what we charged, we simply said that a "love offering" would be sufficient but not required. Most churches pay what they call an "honorarium fee" to outside performers. Each church is different but it is an excellent way to raise funds.

If you are one of the lucky teams whose church is willing to help fund you, you are blessed. For the rest of us, we spent a lot of our own money and then raised some outside funding as well.